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The range of podcasts this 24-year-old produces will make you lend your ears to him

Nikhil Dintakurthi has been addicted to podcasts for a very long time and he has been producing a few addictive ones too. And one of his popular ones is back for a new season. This is all about it

There are listeners and then there are readers. Nikhil Dintakurthi is from the formidable first category and now, he is trying to nudge us into the same bracket as well. And for good reason! India is already the third-largest podcast listening country and with four crore listeners in 2018 the numbers are projected to climb by 17.61 crore in 2023, as per a PwC report. The 24-year-old has been feeding audio content for at least eight years now, and since 2017, he has been feeding us his podcasts. One of the most successful Telugu podcasts he produces, UPSC Radio Podcast, is back for its fourth season. So clear up 15-20 minutes of your time every Wednesday because UPSC aspirant or not, this is the podcast for knowledge hoarders.

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