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For stories that are yearning to be told

We, at Kathanika Media, are a collective of curious minds on the lookout for thought-provoking and inspiring stories. Tapping into the rich storytelling tradition of the Indian subcontinent, we are passionate about placing transformative ideas within the reach of listeners across boundaries. 

Have something interesting to share with the world? Then, look no further!



Working With the Best

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Our Shows

Manju Sara Rajan, Editor in Chief - Beautifulhomes by Asian Paints

Nikhil was extremely accommodating and beyond helpful. He did a lot of research into the topics we’d be covering since it was new to him, he even connected us with interesting guests and of course took care of the entire production. I found him to be a problem-solver and an enthusiastic production partner. I was glad the brand’s first outing into the podcasting space was done with his guidance.
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