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Industry and Academia - recognized shows

16+ platforms for content distribution

2000+ episodes produced

Features in CAT-A Mainline publications

Multilingual Expertise

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What we do?

What we do?

We work with our clients across a range of activities including the finalization of the show’s scope and format, guest identification as well as the actual recording and distribution activities 

End to End Podcast Development


Ideation, planning, strategy, budgeting, scripting and research


Recording, line management across vendors, technical assistance

Post Production 

Editing, mixing and mastering, packaging, quality check, show notes and transcriptions, visual branding 

Communications and Distribution

Developing a hosting site, connecting to distribution platforms, regular publishing of episodes, scheduling content for social media platforms and creating other forms of marketing collaterals


Podcast Consulting & Strategy

We provide consultations on narrative building and strategy.  We have Conducted 45+ workshops from Basics to Advance podcast production for clientele across B2B, B2B2C, Consultants and Freelancers

Some of the modules include:
- Defining your Niche
- Strategies and planning toward Audience profiling & retention
- Distribution and Communication Strategies
- The Litmus test to access the podcast's relevance

Audiobook and Original IP Production

We undertake commissioned projects and develop original IPs in close collaboration with the owners and parties affiliated. Currently we are working with authors in the Telugu Literary, Fiction, and Mythology space, and are looking forward to expanding our inventory.

We are open to collaborations from authors across English and the Indian languages.

Editing and Post Production Services

We undertake commissioned projects and develop original IPs in close collaboration with the owners and parties affiliated. 

We provide:
- Planning and Production Assistance
- Editing, Mix and Mastering
- Content Packaging and Distribution
- Visual Branding and Social Media Communications
- Support towards the launch of the podcast

We also provide White Label Services to clients

Manju Sara Rajan, Editor in Chief - Beautifulhomes by Asian Paints

Nikhil was extremely accommodating and beyond helpful. He did a lot of research into the topics we’d be covering since it was new to him, he even connected us with interesting guests and of course took care of the entire production. I found him to be a problem-solver and an enthusiastic production partner. I was glad the brand’s first outing into the podcasting space was done with his guidance.
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