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HR World Economic Times: Celebrating Fatherhood:

As we celebrate the beautiful evolution of fatherhood, ETHRWorld took the chance to interact with some leaders in the industry this Father’s Day and know their parenthood journey and how their organisations supported them.

Impact of Paternity Leave on Work-Life Balance

Subhasis Mishra, Head - Talent Acquisition, Asia Pacific, Amazon Entertainment, embarked on a life-changing journey when he became a father. His story of fatherhood began in October 2011 when his son Neev was born in Los Angeles, California. At that time, he was working with Walt Disney Studios as an HR Leader - Studio Technology.

With no extended family nearby, Mishra and his wife, Vinithra, took on the responsibility and joy of raising their newborn child together.

Fortunately, Mishra’s then employer (Walt Disney) had a supportive paternity leave policy, and at both the state and the federal levels, there were provisions in place to enable him to take dedicated time off to support the care and nurturing of his new baby. This allowed him to be actively involved in all aspects of parenting, from doctor visits to feeding, sleep management, and the overall upbringing of their son.

During his paternity leave, Mishra provided unwavering support to his wife, helping her navigate the multitude of responsibilities that come with nurturing a newborn. His presence ensured that his wife felt supported, easing the burden of single-handedly caring for their child. Together, they formed a strong bond as they embarked on the rewarding journey of parenthood.

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