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Podcasting Part 2: Why brands are still apprehensive of the medium

Despite the huge potential, the podcast domain faces certain challenges. What are the lacuna and issues plaguing the podcast industry? What is required to improve this nascent industry?

Kathanika Media LLP founder Nikhil Dintakuthi says that new-age brands are showing a keen interest in podcasting. “Recently when I visited a conference with a lot of new-age brands and some legacy brands, there is this idea that resonated with the

new-age brands want to jump in and see what this medium has to offer in terms of brand loyalty and how to retain their customers and as part of their communication plan. With the legacy brands, and companies with deeper marketing budgets, they want to wait and see how everyone is reacting to the market and to this idea and to make any decision; they need loads of case studies on particularly ROI and long-term value. Speaking of that, I got a chance to work with Beautiful Homes of Asian Paints. They were very excited to know how podcasts can bring value to their customers and TG through communication strategy on aspects like decor, interior design and other lines of products. This show sparked an idea to a lot of peers in the market and wanted to know how they can take advantage of this. It's a slow start but I can see a promising future in India for this medium,” says Dintakuthi.

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