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Spotify Investing in Telugu Podcast and Music Market by Educating Creators

The audio streaming platform has an open invitation for audio content creators to come work with the brand, and is also bringing its masterclass for music artists, to the region

Hyderabad: Spotify, today, announced its concentrated effort to grow the Telugu audio streaming industry through both, podcasts and music. The company, which launched in India in February 2019, has been focused on growing its reach across languages in the country by educating creators and amplifying their voices not just in India, but on the global stage. Telugu is one of the more popular languages on Spotify, and through easy access to its India podcast and music teams, the brand wants to now grow the local podcast and artist community.

Spotify has already initiated its outreach in the region through ‘Anchor Audio Superstar’, its first podcast creator program that aims to develop the podcast community in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through masterclasses from experts such as Pavani Kotrike (Telugu Kathalu), Nikhil Dintakurthi (podcast producer), Sandeep Pothole (Telugu Geeks) and Samvedh (Samvedh Sagas). All participants also had access to equipment to create audio content, and a few of them will have the opportunity to become Spotify-exclusive creators.

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